In part one, we discussed how preventative and wellness care can be found in a medical center through tests and counseling your physician provides, and as actions, you can take in your personal life. We touched upon the former in depth in our last post, and today we’ll look at what you can do as an individual to work towards health and wellness, preventatively.

At Virginia Premium Medical Care in Ashburn, we are a medical clinic focused on patient-centered care through a myriad of services including disease management, general medical care, and weight loss services. Find out more about how you can become healthier by changing a few habits in your day-to-day life.     

Implementing Preventative Care and Wellness As A Patient

Optimal health and wellness is an individual journey and will look different for everyone, but it’s important to implement preventative health practices daily to limit health consequences later. Preventative care begins with getting a complete picture of where your health is at, and this requires making an appointment with your local doctor’s office and running diagnostic tests mentioned above.

In addition to scheduling an appointment with your doctor, you can begin to employ the following preventative and wellness care practices:

  • Get moving – Staying active is critical to health and wellness so aim to move at least a half an hour a day, but move more if you can. Keep things simple and remember movement is movement whether it’s going to the gym and lifting or walking around the block — it all counts!
  • Create healthy eating habits – Nutrition is extremely impactful to your overall health and wellness now and in the future! Diet can be healing and contribute to wellness, or it can be destructive and cause disease such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Creating healthy eating habits is important, but it’s also the consistency in which you do so that will set your health up for success. It’s creating small changes and establishing a foundation while journeying towards a diet that is all-around nourishing and supportive. Start by ditching highly processed foods high in sugar and starches, and begin to replace them with whole foods, vegetables, and some fruits.
  • Look at your lifestyle – Lifestyle factors are also important in preventative care. This is taking a hard look at what kind of lifestyle you lead. Things that don’t serve you well is anything in excess and habits such as smoking or the overuse of substances. Sleep is also one lifestyle factor that is skipped over, but getting enough of it will positively impact your day to day activities so make sure you’re getting enough. Reducing the stress in your life is important and highly advantageous to your health. Stress weakens your immune system and raises your blood pressure levels, all to which are harmful and unserving to your wellness.   
  • Make safe sex a priority – Sex is amazing for people’s emotional health and physical well-being, however, sexually transmitted diseases have not been eradicated so it’s important to keep yourself safe and healthy by using protection and talking with your partner(s).
  • Support sun-safe skin – The sun’s UVA and UVB rays have been linked to sun cancer, so as much as it’s wonderful to bake on the beach while sipping an umbrella drink, wear wide-brimmed hats and sun protection. Sun safety is also a great practice to implement for its anti-aging benefits and skin-preserving aspects.

A Whole Body Approach To Preventative and Wellness Care

While taking advantage of wellness appointments with your doctor is highly recommended and creating healthy habits in your personal life is only to your benefit, it’s important to use a whole body approach to your health. Don’t forego seeing the dentist, eye doctor, or complementary care such as chiropractic care and acupuncture.

Preventative and wellness care takes a team which includes you and your doctor! When you consistently show up and practice preventative habits such as incorporating an active lifestyle coupled with healthy eating habits and good lifestyle choices, your health will be positively impacted, and wellness services at the doctor will be encouraging.

If you’re ready to get a complete picture of your health in real time and make meaningful, positive change, schedule with us today!