1. The Top Benefits Of Scheduling An Annual Checkup

    Whether you are someone who has a crippling fear of the doctor or you are simply leading a busy life with little time for extra appointments, it is easy to put off or decide against your annual checkup entirely. While visiting your doctor in Ashburn might not be high on your list of fun activities, there are numerous benefits to sticking to an annual checkup. If you have been on the fence about wh…Read More

  2. Fact or Myth: Is it Harder For Women to Lose Weight?

    While everyone wants to look their best, as our outward aesthetics tend to dictate our confidence and self-esteem, being overweight or obese can impact more than the way you look and result in grave health consequences such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Carrying around extra weight can cut your life shorter and is more expensive over time, which is why so many people set weight lo…Read More

  3. The Risks of Abdominal Fat: Part Three

    In the last two posts, we’ve looked deep into the risks of abdominal fat and how it affects our health in the hormones it produces and the diseases that are related. It’s not all doom and gloom, however! In the last part of this series, we’ll seek solutions to abdominal fat and how you can find help in your weight loss journey. You don’t have to continue to struggle with abdominal fat that…Read More

  4. What Is Preventative and Wellness Care? (Part One)

    Doctor’s offices and medical clinics function and serve patients in diverse ways, such as in areas of women’s health, general medical care, and annual physicals. While it’s common to go to the doctor when you’re sick, why schedule an appointment for preventative and wellness care when you’re not ill? Optimal health and wellness depend on how you care for yourself, preventatively. At Virg…Read More

  5. Be Prepared for your Physical

    One of the true disadvantages of getting older is the fact that our bodies do not work as well as they once did. This necessitates the need for more time in the doctor's office. After the age of 50, it seems that the frequent trips to the doctor are designed to create more trips to the doctor, when all you want is fewer trips to the doctor. At Virginia Premium Medical Care, we understand the revol…Read More

  6. Feeling Down During the Holidays?

    The holidays can be a time for parties, dinners and spending quality time with friends, they can also be a difficult time for those who, for whatever reason, are without family. This time of year can be difficult for those struggling with depression or illness. The doctors at Virginia Premium Medical Care would like to remind you that no matter what, you are never alone. If you are dealing with an…Read More

  7. Chase Away the Winter Blues

    This time of year is notorious for injuries. The weather tends to get treacherous and there are many things that can go wrong. The best way to avoid injury this winter is to lock yourself in the house and don't come out until April. The possibility of a household injury happening will increase at that point and you will probably come down with SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Your depression w…Read More

  8. Get Your Metabolism In Check For Winter

    The leaves are beginning to change and it is critical that this time of year be devoted to getting yourself in shape for winter. The big bad winter that seems to suck the life out of you and pack on the belly fat. At Virginia Premium Medical Care we are committed to helping you live a healthier and longer life. We provide a variety of internal medicine services, all within a comfortable walk-in se…Read More

  9. Detox, Antioxidants, and Free Radicals

    As you may have noticed, we are doing a series on general wellbeing and health. The staff here at the clinic of Virginia Premium Medical Care is here to help with all of your medical needs. As a primary care facility, we are able to help our patients with lifestyle changes, trying to keep our visitors as healthy as possible. A lot of the diets and exercise regimens take cues from what is popular a…Read More

  10. The Right Diet For You

    We are much more than doctors at Virginia Premium Medical Care, we are partners in your health. We talked before about healthy eating and how important it is to begin any sort of diet with a doctor’s approval. A comprehensive physical is the best way to establish a baseline for your diet. This is critical because some diets have components that could be harmful if you have some sort of unknown c…Read More