1. Get Your Metabolism In Check For Winter

    The leaves are beginning to change and it is critical that this time of year be devoted to getting yourself in shape for winter. The big bad winter that seems to suck the life out of you and pack on the belly fat. At Virginia Premium Medical Care we are committed to helping you live a healthier and longer life. We provide a variety of internal medicine services, all within a comfortable walk-in se…Read More

  2. Primary Care For Prevention

    We talked about living a healthy lifestyle and a bit about how you can get there. One of the best things you can do is to visit your doctor at least every year. Particularly before you decide to begin an exercise regimen. Your primary care physicians are your first line of defense against injuries due to overworking yourself. It is important that you understand the limitations due to your physical…Read More

  3. Healthy Lifestyle With Primary Care

    You are a fairly healthy man of about forty, you get a minimal amount of exercise, and generally try to eat somewhat halfway healthy. You have seen an increase in your belly over the last few years and, let’s face it, your physical activity has decreased to chasing your kids around and you find yourself eating more unhealthy at work. It's ok, don’t beat yourself up over it, but the fact of the…Read More

  4. Work It!

    As important as healthy eating is to your well-being, the flip side of the coin shows that while eating correctly is worthwhile, regular exercise may be just as important. At Virginia Premium Medical Care, we are the primary care physicians who are always here to discuss your health. We have previously discussed the importance of a complete physical before embarking on any sort of diet regimens, t…Read More

  5. Detox, Antioxidants, and Free Radicals

    As you may have noticed, we are doing a series on general wellbeing and health. The staff here at the clinic of Virginia Premium Medical Care is here to help with all of your medical needs. As a primary care facility, we are able to help our patients with lifestyle changes, trying to keep our visitors as healthy as possible. A lot of the diets and exercise regimens take cues from what is popular a…Read More

  6. The Right Diet For You

    We are much more than doctors at Virginia Premium Medical Care, we are partners in your health. We talked before about healthy eating and how important it is to begin any sort of diet with a doctor’s approval. A comprehensive physical is the best way to establish a baseline for your diet. This is critical because some diets have components that could be harmful if you have some sort of unknown c…Read More

  7. Eating Your Way To Health

    Eating right seems to be constantly up for debate. We like the old adage of, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And in the world of today we know that it takes a lot more than just an apple a day to ensure good health. Navigating all of the varied opinions about just how to eat your way to better health, can be extremely confusing. Virginia Premier Medical Care is committed to providing e…Read More

  8. Partners for Health

    A trip to the doctor's office is generally not the most pleasant experience. But at Virginia Premier Medical Care we are committed to providing the finest medical experience that you can find. We are a comprehensive primary care and internal medicine facility. In addition to providing these services, we are pleased to call ourselves a full-service medical practice. We have experts in women’s hea…Read More

  9. Welcome from Virginia Premium Medical Care!

    We are pleased to welcome you to Virginia Premium Medical Care! We are your local primary care and internal medicine specialists. We are proud to serve our neighbors in the Ashburn area. In addition to primary medical care, we also offer the following services: Complete Physical Examinations Complete Diagnosis of Health Problems Pre-Op Medical Clearance Exams EKG Services Office Spirometry Schedul…Read More